Sing for Absolution!
I'm chasing someone I'll never catch, for sure, but the pursuit is worth a lifetime of disappointment.
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When you begin to become conscious, more aware, when your eyes begin to open, the first thing you see is how deluded you are and how much you’re holding onto that which makes you suffer. This is, in many ways, the most important step: Are you willing to be aware?

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I gave wrong people the right pieces of me.

It always cracks me up when I go to the doctor and they ask if I’m taking any medications. I always say, “Yes, I am; I take Valacyclovir daily,” and they say, “Do you know what that’s for?”

Duh, I know what it’s for!


Men aren’t the problem, rapists are.

White people aren’t the problem, racists are.

Straight people aren’t the problem, homophobes are.

Cis people aren’t the problem, transphobes are.

Let’s stop countering hate with more hate and instead focus on the real problem. Putting our differences aside and embracing as allies is the only true way we can all achieve equality.

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